Ceili November 22nd – CANCELLED

Ceili Flyer112214

Due to the snowstorm, the ceili is cancelled. Please stay tune-d for the next ceili!  

Keep warm and safe Buffalo and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Please join the Martin Wynne Branch as we celebrate the Samhain season with a fantastic fall ceili!  A ceili (KAY-lee) is when dancing, music, and friends come together to have a good time!  Local Irish band Resistance is Futile will perform lively Irish tunes for non-stop set dancing throughout the night. Musicians include Anne Maroney and Natalie Bennett on fiddles, Werner Ceusters on banjo, and Jeff Dosch on uilleann pipes.

All dances will be called, so try something new!  A family-friendly event, it’s great exercise too! Refreshments are provided at intermission and the Irish Center will be open.

Set dance classes hosted by the Innisfree Dance Group are held every Tuesday from 7:45-10pm in the Claddagh Room at the Buffalo Irish Center.  First class is free, then a $1.00 donation is requested for each lesson thereafter.

Join us November 22nd at the Buffalo Irish Center Emerald Room from 8-11pm. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a change of shoes for the indoors (to keep the floor dry).   Admission is $10.00 general, $8.00 for Comhaltas members, $5.00 students and free for ages 16 and under.


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